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Goldfinger Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Back in his cell, Bond hides until Goldfinger's guard—almost as stupid as the one who let Bond drive himself back in Switzerland—opens the door.
  • Bond disarms the man and escapes.
  • Bond prowls Goldfinger's catacombs until he finds himself inside the little model of Fort Knox.
  • There, Bond can eavesdrop on Goldfinger's plan to infiltrate Fort Knox—Operation Grand Slam.
  • The plot involves nerve gas sprayed by Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.
  • Bond writes a secret note to MI6 and wraps his radar device in it.
  • But while he is distracted, Bond is yanked down by Pussy, who confiscates his gun.
  • Upstairs in the great room, the mobsters play with toy cars on the Fort Knox model.
  • Goldfinger decides to try out the nerve gas: he uses it to knock them all out. He must not like to share his Hot Wheels.

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