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Goldfinger Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Back at the farm, Pussy says she plans to use her cut of the Fort Knox loot to buy a private island. And she means private: she wants to put up a "No Trespassing" sign and never see anyone again.
  • Goldfinger spots the CIA agents spying on them with binoculars from a bush. These guys are almost as dumb as Goldfinger's guards.
  • To convince them that Bond doesn't need help, Goldfinger sends someone to take Bond to dinner. And he asks Pussy to change into something a little more "suitable" for the dashing spy.
  • Goldfinger offers Bond a mint julep, which is pretty much a tumbler of bourbon with a sprig of mint floating in it.
  • Bond attempts to tell Goldfinger that Operation Grand Slam will never work, because he won't have enough time to get the gold out.
  • Goldfinger says he doesn't plan to steal the gold.
  • Bond realizes that Goldfinger is going to blow up the U.S.'s entire gold supply with a nuclear bomb. That would cause an economic disaster and increase the value of Goldfinger's own gold stores.
  • Diabolical.
  • Goldfinger warns Bond not to try and find the nuke, because if his men look for it, it could go off anywhere—the White House, a Navy submarine station, Starbucks.
  • Mr. Finger leaves, and Pussy emerges to escort Bond to dinner.
  • Bond pulls Pussy into the barn in an attempt to seduce her into double-crossing Goldfinger and joining him.
  • Pussy is not interested in betraying her boss or sleeping with Bond.
  • The only roll in the hay the two have is when Pussy flips Bond into a haystack to fend off his advances.
  • Pussy and Bond tussle in the straw until Bond finally forces a kiss upon her.
  • After that, Pussy's putty in his hands. Putty Galore.

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