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Goldfinger Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Pussy orders her Flying Circus to commence operation "Rock-a-Bye Baby."
  • The planes take off for Fort Knox.
  • The planes spray gas over the facility, and all the soldiers collapse instantly.
  • When all the soldiers are "asleep," the pilots radio Goldfinger's men to tell them it's safe to enter the compound.
  • Wearing gas masks, Oddjob and his men (with Bond in tow) drive jeeps to Fort Knox. They're so evil, they drive right past the DO NOT ENTER sign, and they don't even stop at the red light.
  • The baddies blow up the electric fence around the bunker where the gold is stored. And in they go.
  • With Goldfinger's special crotch-blasting laser, the baddies cut through the door to the gold bunker.
  • After the door is torn off, Goldfinger arrives in style, in a helicopter piloted by Pussy.
  • Goldfinger's men unload the nuke crate from the 'copter, and Goldfinger's associate, Mr. Ling, unlocks the crate.
  • The bomb is armed, and there are only four minutes until explosion.
  • Outside, all the soldiers get up. They were only pretending to be asleep.
  • The CIA sends in the bomb disposal unit, but they better hurry—Bond is locked in the gold-filled safe, and he's handcuffed to the bomb.

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