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Goldfinger Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • The army takes out Goldfinger's men.
  • In a panic, Goldfinger shuts Oddjob and another henchman, Kisch, inside the safe.
  • Then Goldfinger dresses up as a general and evades capture, proving that every soldier in this movie, regardless of affiliation, is a moron.
  • Inside the safe, Oddjob throws Kisch to his death.
  • Bond retrieves the handcuff keys from Kisch's body and frees himself from the bomb.
  • Oddjob throws his razor-brimmed hat at Bond, severing an electrical cable.
  • Bond chucks a gold bar at Oddjob, but it doesn't faze him. The man appears to be impenetrable, not even flinching when Bond punches him in the face.
  • Oddjob throws Bond around a bit. Why doesn't he just use his patented knock-out karate-chop maneuver?
  • Instead, Oddjob throws Bond into the corner near the sizzling electrical cable and the hat of death.
  • Bond throws the hat, getting it stuck in a metal cage.
  • When Oddjob goes to retrieve his hat, Bond shocks him with the electrical cable, killing him.
  • A shocking end, indeed.
  • Outside, the U.S. military exchanges fire with Goldfinger's men.
  • Someone opens the door to the safe, and the firefight moves inside.
  • Bond cracks open the casing for the nuke, and with 19 seconds remaining, he attempts to disarm it.
  • Just in time, the bomb defuser arrives and disarms the nuke. Whew. With only seven seconds to spare.
  • Hmm, what could be the significance of that number?

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