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Goldfinger Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Later, Felix says goodbye to James as he boards a jet to have lunch at the White House.
  • The not-so-private jet has an unexpected stowaway—the Man with the Golden Gun himself, Goldfinger.
  • Bond warns Goldfinger not to fire the gun inside, as it could depressurize the aircraft.
  • Bond and Goldfinger struggle, and, of course, the gun goes off, shattering a window.
  • Goldfinger—a large man—is sucked out of a very small window to his death.
  • Pussy, piloting the plummeting plane, tries to keep it from crashing.
  • Pussy fails. The plane goes into the water and explodes.
  • But we see that Bond and Pussy have parachuted to safety.
  • Pussy attempts to signal the rescue crew, but Bond grabs her.
  • Bond pulls Pussy under the parachute for one last rendezvous.
  • The end.

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