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Goldfinger Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • As the silo explodes, Bond casually sidles up to a man at a nearby bar.
  • The man appears to be a comrade, and the two confirm that Mr. Ramirez's heroin-filled banana farm is officially out of business. We'll never look at a Chiquita banana the same way again.
  • Bond's informant tells 007 to avoid his hotel and get on a plane in an hour.
  • Bond has no problem not returning to his room—he'll spend some time in the room of a pretty dancer who shakes more than maracas.
  • The dancer gets out of a tub, all sudsed up in the right places—but it turns out to be a trap.
  • A man creeps out from the corner, planning to knock Bond out with a big stick.
  • Bond uses the dancer as a human shield, and she gets knocked out by the intruder.
  • Bond and the intruder struggle, and Bond tosses him into the bathtub.
  • Before you can say "rubber ducky," the thug grabs Bond's gun, which is hanging on the wall. But he doesn't have time to fire.
  • Bond throws an electric fan into the tub, zapping the man to death.
  • The dancer regains consciousness, but Bond leaves. She's going to have a nasty ring around her tub to scrub clean.

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