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Goldfinger Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • The title sequence begins with a golden hand on a black background. What does a golden hand have four of? Goldfingers, of course. And a goldthumb, but that wouldn't be as catchy a title.
  • The song is about a man with a heart of gold—as in, it's cold—and a kiss of death. Is he goldlips too?
  • After the song, we're welcomed to Miami Beach.
  • A man in a three-piece suit and Panama hat is way too overdressed for poolside. His name is Felix, and he finds Bond getting a massage by the pool.
  • Bond is in tiny blue pool shorts. Some might say he is also overdressed for poolside.
  • Bond dismisses his lady masseuse to collect his new mission—to keep tabs on Auric Goldfinger.
  • Goldfinger owns "one of the finest stud farms" in the U.S. Maybe he's looking to gather Bond for his collection?
  • Speak of the devil—Goldfinger shows up to play cards with a man.
  • Goldfinger is a portly, copper-haired man in a yellow bathrobe that does his complexion no favors.
  • Bond watches the two men play high-stakes gin, then decides to break into Goldfinger's hotel room.
  • Using a maid's key, Bond enters the suite, where he finds a woman spying on the card game.
  • The woman is telling Goldfinger every card in his opponent's hand, and Goldfinger is listening in with a little earpiece.
  • Bond turns off the radio, putting an end to Goldfinger's winning streak.
  • The spy's name is Jill Masterson.
  • Bond speaks into the radio and tells Goldfinger that his "luck has changed" and that he will alert the police if Goldfinger doesn't do what he says.
  • Bond orders Goldfinger to lose $15,000 in the gin game.
  • Goldfinger starts losing, but he isn't happy about it.

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