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Goldfinger Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Bond invites Jill to his room for some, um, room service.
  • Bond gets out of bed to retrieve some chilled champagne from the fridge, and a man karate chops him unconscious.
  • When Bond wakes up, Jill is dead.
  • Not only dead, but painted solid gold.
  • Back at MI6, Bond declares that he knows Goldfinger killed Jill. Painting a woman gold is a heck of a calling card.
  • M threatens to replace Bond with 008 for being so irresponsible as to steal Goldfinger's girlfriend.
  • Bond demands to know why they're tracking Goldfinger.
  • M says to meet him at 7:00pm, with a black tie. Does Bond own any other color of tie?
  • In the lobby, Moneypenny invites Bond to dinner, but he says he has a business engagement.
  • Bond and Moneypenny flirt for a bit, as usual, before Bond departs.

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