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Goldfinger Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Bond sets himself up to play a game of golf with Goldfinger.
  • Mr. Finger's caddy is a Korean man in a black bowler hat named Oddjob. The man, not the hat.
  • Bond is suspicious of the caddy. Could he be the man who knocked Bond out in Miami?
  • While making a putt, Goldfinger says he suspects Bond has motivations other than golf.
  • Bond drops the five-thousand-pound gold bar onto the green.
  • They're never going to be able to pick that thing up.
  • Naturally, Goldfinger wants to bet the gold bar on the winner of the golf game.
  • Bond takes him up on the bet.
  • With an expensive gold bar on the line, golf has never been more exciting.
  • Scratch that. Golf still isn't exciting.
  • Goldfinger will never be known as Golf-finger. ("He's the man, the man with the Double Bogey touch.") He's so bad that he hits his ball into the rough.
  • Oddjob helps Goldfinger cheat by dropping a ball near the fairway.
  • Bond knows Goldfinger's cheating, but he plays along.
  • On the final hole, Bond switches balls, but Goldfinger doesn't realize it.
  • When Bond reveals the switch, he says that Goldfinger loses the hole for "accidentally" playing the wrong ball.
  • Goldfinger is so mad, we're surprised he doesn't bend his putter in half.

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