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Goldfinger Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Before departing from the country club, Goldfinger warns Bond against meddling in his affairs any longer.
  • To demonstrate why, Goldfinger has Oddjob do a little trick.
  • Oddjob throws his hat, and its razor brim decapitates a marble statue.
  • Before Oddjob drives away, Bond gives him the golf ball.
  • Oddjob crushes the ball to dust in his hand.
  • Bond triggers the tracking device, which he has planted on Goldfinger's car, and he tracks the car with the radio in his Aston Martin.
  • Bond discovers that Goldfinger is headed to Geneva.
  • Bond hops on a plane and follows the crooks through the twisty Alpine roads.
  • On the road, Bond gets distracted by a woman who drives more quickly than he does. She passes him on the road, honking at him for driving too slowly.
  • Bond wants to follow the woman, but he stays on course, following Goldfinger and Oddjob.
  • When Bond stops to spy on Goldfinger, the woman, perched high atop a nearby cliff, takes a shot at Bond with a sniper rifle.
  • The woman misses. Is she a bad shot, or did she miss on purpose?
  • On the road again, Bond somehow finds himself ahead of the woman. He teases her a bit by speeding up and slowing down in front of her.
  • When Bond finally lets the woman pass, he uses the Aston Martin's gadgets to puncture her tires.
  • The woman spins off the road as if she hit a banana peel.

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