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Goldfinger Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Bond pulls over to help the woman he forced off the road.
  • The woman demands to be taken to the nearest garage.
  • In the car, the woman tells Bond her name is Tilly Soames.
  • But Bond is suspicious. The woman has a case with the initials T. M. Maybe her case is trademarked?
  • Tilly—if that is her name—says the case is for her ice skates. Mmm, yeah right. And we're Johnny Weir.
  • Tilly says it'll take 24 hours to get new tires, but she declines Bond's offer to take her to hotel.
  • Bond speeds away and resumes tracking Goldfinger.
  • It's easy. Goldfinger's in a building that says AURIC ENTERPRISES in really, really big letters on the side.
  • Bond waits until nightfall, then sneaks onto the property.
  • The Swiss factory is manned by Chinese men who are melting down a Rolls Royce which was made of gold.
  • Goldfinger is talking to a Mr. Ling about something called Operation Grand Slam. Will he be poisoning pancakes at Denny's?
  • Bond retreats to the outskirts of the property, where he bumps into who else but "Tilly" setting her sights—as in sniper-rifle sights—on Goldfinger.
  • Bond tackles Tilly and demands to know why she wants Goldfinger dead.
  • Tilly says Goldfinger killed her sister, and Bond realizes that the T. M. must stand for Tilly Masterson, sister of Solid Gold Jill.
  • When Tilly struggles under Bond's grip, they accidentally trip an alarm. She's a terrible shot, and she's bad at staying undetected.

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