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Goldfinger Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Bond and Tilly speed away, but the Chinese guards pursue their car.
  • Bond uses the Aston Martin's smoke screen to throw one car off their trail. For another, he uses an oil slick, which causes the pursuer to spin off a cliff and explode into a massive fireball.
  • The road dead ends, and Bond gets out of the car to shoot at the guards.
  • Tilly runs for the woods, but Oddjob appears and knocks her out with a throw of his hat.
  • Bond rushes to Tilly's side and discovers that she's not just unconscious—she's dead. But at least she got to keep her head.
  • The guards capture Bond and take him back to the Goldfinger compound.
  • For some stupid reason, the guards have Bond drive himself back to the compound with an armed guard in the passenger seat.
  • Bond ejects his unsuspecting—and stupid—passenger and tries to make a break for it.
  • An old woman at the guard station opens fire with a machine gun, forcing Bond to turn around and race through the compound.
  • It doesn't end well. Bond ends up crashing into a wall. Too bad the Aston Martin doesn't come equipped with a giant drill.

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