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Goldfinger Greed

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If we'd never seen an episode of The Apprentice, we'd imagine it opened the same way Goldfinger does—with images of half-naked women writhing around while someone sings about gold. The opening credits set our expectations for Goldfinger's villainous motivation.

Bond films are always about gadgets and girls, but this time we'll add another G to the list—gangrene. Seriously, getting cut by Oddjob's hat is bound to leave a big wound open to infection.

Oh, and greed. Can't forget greed.

Questions About Greed

  1. Are there any limits to Goldfinger's greed? Would he retire if he pulled off Operation Grand Slam?
  2. What do you think makes Goldfinger desire more wealth? Why isn't he satisfied with what he has? Why does he want more?
  3. Do you see any real-world equivalents to Goldfinger and his quest for more wealth?
  4. Is Bond himself greedy in any way?

Chew on This

Pussy Galore takes up employment with Goldfinger because she wants the wealth that comes after completing Operation Grand Slam. Even though her motivations are different from Goldfinger's—she wants to buy an island to get away from it all—she is still greedy.

Goldfinger often makes stupid decisions in the name of greed. He keeps picking on the same mark for his gambling scheme with Jill, and he gets greedy during a game of golf with Bond. He ends up losing both times.

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