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Groundhog Day Point of View

Point of View

Third-Person (Limited Omniscient)

We tend to get an omniscient or all-seeing view of the stuff that's going on in this movie, but this view is always attached to the perspective of Phil Connors. What makes the P.O.V. so interesting in this movie is that Phil himself has a sort of omniscience, as he says to Rita at one point,

PHIL: I'm a god.

When Rita says he's just using tricks, he adds:

PHIL: Maybe the real God uses tricks. Maybe He's not omnipotent. He's just been around so long He knows everything.

Because we only follow Phil through Groundhog Day, the other characters always seem a little less real because their personalities are reset at the end of each day while Phil's carries on. But that doesn't make Phil think of them as objects. Rather, he tends to love them more and more as he learns more about them.

Along the way, we also get a first-row seat to watch Phil's transformation as he becomes increasingly all-knowing (and all-compassionate) about the world around him.

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