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Groundhog Day Director


Harold Ramis might be most famous for his role as Egon in the original Ghostbusters movies, and it was on the Ghostbusters set where Ramis met Bill Murray…which led to him eventually choosing Murray for the lead in Groundhog Day.

Unfortunately, Ramis and Murray would have a falling out during the filming of Groundhog Day and would hardly speak to each other for the next (yup, you guessed it) ten years.

Ramis' other big directing credits came in the world of comedy, with such gems as Caddyshack in 1980 and Analyze This in 1999. Along the way, he racked up a lot of writing (SCTV) and acting (Knocked Up) credits.

Basically, Ramis pretty much did it all up until his death in 2014. RIP, you magnificent man.

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