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Groundhog Day Fandoms


Groundhog Day is not the kind of movie that you'd imagine would attract a cult following. On the surface, it's a pretty typical comedy from the early 90s that shows a jerk learning how to be a good person.

But since it's release this movie has steadily accumulated an army of fans. Many of these fans have come from a variety of religious perspectives: many believe that the movie contains one of the most powerful spiritual messages of the 20th century.

And when we say "variety" we mean variety. Hasidic Jews love the message in this movie. So do Buddhists. It's voted as being one of the 50 best Catholic movies of all time.

But it also has a serious agnostic, and even atheist, fan base. Groundhog Day continues to inspire articles written by people finding new and interesting things to say about the movie. The Guardian has even gone so far as to say that the movie is "the perfect comedy".

Basically, the more you search the internet, the more you'll learn just how big of an impact it has had on people.

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