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Groundhog Day Buster (Brian Doyle-Murray)

Buster (Brian Doyle-Murray)

According to this movie, Buster Green has one great purpose in life. And that's to make sure that the Groundhog Day festival goes as smoothly as possible. He practically loses his mind after Phil Connors steals the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. When the cops chase Connors in a truck, Buster says to them,

BUSTER: If you gotta shoot, aim high. I don't wanna hit the groundhog.

Buster shows up later in the movie too when Phil Connors saves him from choking to death on a piece of steak. Buster is grateful for Phil's help and says,

BUSTER: I owe you one, buddy.

Deep down, Buster is just a good old-fashioned man from a small town in Pennsylvania. His whole life is wrapped up in the town's traditions and festivities and he's totally cool with that.

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