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Groundhog Day Scene 20

Scene 20

Scene 20

  • Phil pulls something out of his news team's van in an attempt to keep it from starting. Then he walks into a bar where Rita is waiting and asks to buy her a drink (since they're not going anywhere). He orders and listens closely to Rita's drink order—vermouth with a twist.
  • We see Phil walk back into the same bar replaying the same scene with Rita the next day. He orders a vermouth with a twist for himself. When Rita tells him this is her favorite drink, Phil says that the drink always makes him think of Rome. When asked what they should drink to, Phil answers, "To the groundhog!" Rita says that she usually drinks to world peace, and the conversation kind of fizzles after that.
  • We see Phil take another crack at the drink-buying scene. This time he toasts to world peace and gets on Rita's good side.
  • Phil and Rita walk around Punxsutawney and Phil shows her all the best shops, saying that he's spent a lot of time in this town. If only Rita knew how long.
  • At dinner that night, Phil learns that Rita studied French poetry in college and laughs, saying that poetry is such a waste of time.
  • Once again, he loses Rita's interest, so he does a redo and learns some French poetry that he can quote to her. It sounds like he's even learned to speak French entirely. You've got to start wondering how many times he's replayed this day.

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