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Groundhog Day Scene 29

Scene 29

Scene 29

  • Phil sits down for lunch at the diner with Rita and tells her that he's a god. He tells Rita about all the insane things he has lived through.
  • Rita tells Phil to get over himself and that he's not a god. Meanwhile, the diner's waitress tries to get their orders.
  • To prove himself, Phil walks Rita around the diner and tells her all kinds of personal information about everyone there. Even when Rita asks random questions he can come up with the answers. He knows everything about everyone.
  • Rita says this is all a bunch of tricks. But Phil argues that maybe that's how the real God works too. Maybe he's just been around for so long that he knows everything. He even knows that a waiter is about to drop a tray of dishes, and sure enough it happens.
  • Rita sits back down with Phil and asks him if he knows everything about her. Phil gives a heartfelt speech about all the things he's learned about Rita.
  • Rita asks one more time how Phil is doing this, and he tells her again that he wakes up every day on Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney. He writes something down on a napkin and asks Rita not to let Larry take her away.
  • Larry comes in and says they'll need to head out if they want to stay ahead of the weather. Rita opens Phil's napkin and sees that he has written what Larry just said, word for word.

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