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Groundhog Day Scene 30

Scene 30

Scene 30

  • Rita and Phil walk through a town square. Rita believes him now and thinks it will be a good idea for her to follow him around and to witness what happens to him.
  • Rita and Phil end up back in Phil's room throwing cards at a hat. Phil is able to get every one into the hat. Rita asks him how long it takes to get good at this skill, and Phil answers that it takes six months practicing four to five hours a day. So yeah, he's been in Punxsutawney a looonnnng time.
  • Phil is sad because tomorrow, Rita won't remember any of their time together and she'll wake up the next day thinking he's a jerk again.
  • Rita says that maybe Phil isn't cursed but blessed. She says sometimes she'd love the chance to do things over. But then again, she hasn't been stuck in the same day for as long as Phil has.
  • Rita hugs Phil on the bed and the clock strikes midnight. She celebrates because Phil is still there. But Phil says that midnight doesn't have any special significance. Rita just assumed that everything reset at midnight. It's 6 a.m. that's key.
  • 3 a.m. rolls around and Phil and Rita are still hanging out. Rita is having a really tough time staying awake though.
  • Phil falls asleep next to Rita while telling her how much love he has for her. Rita's half-asleep while he says it.

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