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Groundhog Day Scene 32

Scene 32

Scene 32

  • Phil sits in a diner reading a thick old book. He overhears some pretty piano music on the radio and pauses to listen.
  • In the next frame, Phil walks up to a woman's house and asks for piano lessons. The woman says she's with a student at the moment, but Phil offers her a thousand dollars and she kicks the poor kid out.
  • Phil wakes up the next morning and greets the guy outside his B&B room door so happily that he leaves the guy feeling positively refreshed.
  • Phil is back at the piano teacher's house struggling through some simple scales and hurting the woman's ears. Phil doesn't seem too self-conscious though. He knows he's got nothing but time.
  • Next, we see Phil creating a beautiful ice sculpture of an angel. This is apparently one of the many skills he's learned with all his free time.
  • Now Phil's back at the piano teacher's struggling through a classical song. He's definitely getting better.

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