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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Friendship

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RON: Hey Szalinski, ever do anything normal, like play baseball? 

NICK: Nope. Baseball's for mortals.

Like their dads, Nick and Ron are complete opposites. Nick loves science; Ron loves sports. Nick is a nerd; Ron is a troublemaker. How are these two supposed to get along?

AMY: We just have to get back to the house. 

RON: I'm never going back to your house.

If you thought that Nick and Ron had a contentious relationship, then just wait until you see how the eldest Szalinski deals with the youngest Thompson. They're like oil and water.

LITTLE RUSS: Come on Rob, we're going to go with them. 

RON: What? You let a girl tell you what to do?

Unlike his little bro, Little Russ at least attempts to make friends with the Szalinski kids. Of course, you can attribute a lot of this kindness to his desire to get with the lovely Amy.

[Little Russ jumps on the back of a bee that has taken Nick away.]

We were a bit skeptical of Little Russ' motivations at first, but the kid literally risks his life to save Nick from the clutches of a killer bee. That's going above and beyond the call of duty.

RON: It's just that my dad doesn't understand your dad. 

AMY: Your dad doesn't understand anything.

The relationship between Wayne Szalinski and Big Russ Thompson and their respective kids mirrors one another. In fact, we'd say that this gives the kids something in common: an often disconnected relationship to their dads.

AMY: That was great, what you did for Nick. 

NICK: What about you, Amy? He saved you too. 

AMY: Yeah, I know, Nick.

The friendship between the Szalinski and Thompson kids grows a great deal after Little Russ puts himself at risk to protect the others. Some things are more important than the eternal battle between science and sports.

RON: Your sister's not bad [...] for a girl.

Whoa—that's a big statement coming from Ron. It might not seem like much at first glance, but it's a good start.

RON: Why don't we let him go? He's worn out and his family might be worried about him.

Oddly, the best friend that Ron makes over the course of the film is an ant. Weird, huh? Strange as it might be, however, the loving bond he develops with Antie shows that he's more sensitive and caring that he seems at first glance.

LITTLE RUSS: I would have come by, I wanted to, but I just always thought you were too popular to notice me.

AMY: I was too popular to notice.

This is an important moment for both kids for two reasons. First, it's a big moment for Russ because he's admitting his insecurities in an honest way, which is something he's failed to do so far. For Amy, on the other hand, it's important because she's realizing that she's spent too much time thinking about others' perception of her.

[Antie battles the scorpion that's attacks the kids.]

Although Antie sadly dies after this duel, it shows Ron that friendship can be a powerful thing, no matter if it involves your next-door neighbor or a particularly empathetic ant.

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