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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Inside the house, Wayne is tearing apart his homemade devices to make...something.
  • He heads outside and checks up on his wife, who's sitting on the doorstep looking worried beyond belief. Wayne talks about his failings as an inventor.
  • But Diane isn't worried about that—she's worried about their family as a unit. They need to become a team again.
  • Meanwhile, the kids are talking about their parents. Russ is complaining about the way that his dad pressures him.
  • Amy changes the subject, asking Russ why he's never come over before. He says that she's too "popular." And she agrees. Humble girl.
  • They kiss. Boom.
  • Suddenly, a fearsome interloper appears: a scorpion. Everyone runs away, but Ron is stuck inside the Lego brick while the scorpion attacks.
  • Russ throws their makeshift torch at the scorpion, giving Ron enough time to escape, but the scorpion continues its assault. Luckily, Antie arrives and starts dueling with the much larger creature.
  • Our heroes aren't giving up on their stallion, however, pelting the scorpion with anything they can find. Sadly, Antie has been badly wounded.
  • They manage to send the scorpion running. Woo-hoo!
  • But their celebration is cut short when they realize that Antie is mortally wounded.
  • Man—we never thought a smooshed bug would make us so emotional.

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