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Other Tributes ()

We don't see a whole lot of the other Tributes, since most of this comes from Katniss's point of view. If she's not running from them or trying to protect them, they really don't enter into her worldview. But with 24 Tributes, there's apt to be a number who kind of slip through the cracks. The Careers number four, and Katniss, Peeta and Rue make seven.

Of the remaining 14 Tributes, only two of them actually have names. Most of the rest die in the opening bloodbath, and the rest get picked off off-screen. And those two? We've got a quick breakdown right here:

Thresh (Dayo Okeniyi): Rue's male counterpart from District 11. Thresh is a lot bigger and stronger than Rue, and apparently has the chops to get deep into the Games. We don't know exactly how he gets killed— by Cato? Torn apart by the dogs? Maybe lightning?— but he makes it to the top 5 at least, so he's clearly got what it takes.

Foxface (Jaqueline Emerson): That's not her actual name, but rather a nickname Katniss gives her to provide some personality to her. She's small and pointy and does a lot of darting, so the name fits. Like Thresh, Foxface ends up going deep into the Games, and is one of the last Tributes to be killed. Unlike Thresh, she does it mainly by hiding, foraging for edible plants, and keeping out of everyone's way. She's really good at it. In fact, if she hadn't stumbled across those poison berries, she might have still been hiding when our heroes finished off Cato, leaving them with the ugly dilemma of having to kill her if they wanted to survive.

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