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The Hunger Games Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

Fire Bad

  • Katniss wakes from the invasion of light from a foolish Tribute's nearby fire.
  • A pack of Careers also takes notice of the light and the opportunity to separate another Darwin award winner from his life force.
  • The Gamemakers take notice of Katniss' remote location and decide to herd her back into the action.
  • They choose fireballs and a disintegrating forest to push her right into the welcoming arms of the Career pack, who are traveling with Peeta now.
  • Katniss climbs the riverbank and runs.
  • She makes it up a tree, which they can't seem to climb as easily.
  • Peeta advises the pack to wait her out, and they agree.
  • Katniss tries to tend to her wounds from the fireballs, while Haymitch practices some serious salesmanship to get aid from some sponsors.
  • Soon, a small package glides to Katniss' tree refuge: medicine procured by Haymitch. What, they couldn't throw a Snickers in there, too?
  • Katniss applies the salve and her wounds magically heal. She sleeps through the night.

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