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The Hunger Games Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

A Little Help from My Friend

  • When Katniss wakes up, she's covered in leaves and tucked away beneath a log.
  • Her weapons are nearby, and a curious but frightened Rue is waiting to see how this will go; the girl took care of Katniss while the insect venom got out of her system.
  • Katniss feeds Rue, and they immediately form a strong bond.
  • In the morning, the girls have formulated a plan.
  • Rue teaches Katniss how to use the mockingjay's call to signal to each other. They plant a trap to distract the Careers long enough to destroy their cache at the cornucopia in the center of the arena.
  • Katniss assesses the situation, and one of the other Tributes arrives to steal supplies without being detected.
  • Katniss realizes that the supplies are surrounded by land mines: it would only take one to set off a devastating chain reaction of explosions.
  • She takes aim at a bag of apples with her bow.
  • The first arrow misses, but the second time's the charm: kaboom. A bouncing apple sets off the mines.
  • Supplies are scattered, Careers are alerted and angry.
  • Their leader, Cato snaps the neck of the younger, smaller Tribute who was assigned to guard the cache.
  • Katniss quickly races back to the forest to meet up with Rue, and finds her snared in a trap.
  • She cuts Rue loose.
  • A Tribute arrives for his prey, and Katniss dispatches him, but not before he lobs a spear into Rue's tiny body.
  • Katniss cradles her small friend's corpse and sings her into oblivion.
  • Katniss expresses her defiance by decorating Rue's lifeless body with nearby wildflowers before she departs, even more determined to win this thing.
  • Riots erupt in Rue's District after her death. Troops are called in to quell the uprisings.
  • Meanwhile Katniss cries in the woods, alone.

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