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The Hunger Games Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

The Rules Change

  • Haymitch talks with Seneca Crane, and tries to keep them from simply killing Katniss for her defiance.
  • Snow warns Seneca not to let Katniss, and the revolution that seems to be swirling around her, get out of hand.
  • A voice booms across the arena, announcing new rules: there can now be two victors, but only if they're from the same District.
  • Katniss begins to track Peeta down.
  • She finds him seriously injured and hiding near a creek.
  • Katniss doesn't let on how bad his wounds are.
  • They find a cave where he can rest.
  • Another package arrives, but this time with only soup.
  • Peeta tells her that his love for her was never fake. Of course, it sure doesn't hurt that everyone's watching this little love scene.
  • The voice of doom arrives again: offering them the medicine they desperately need to save Peeta. It's back at the cornucopia.
  • Peeta forbids Katniss from going to this obvious trap.
  • Katniss shuts his mouth with a kiss, and settles into his arms for a short rest.
  • Katniss watches Peeta shiver with fever. When he conks out, she leaves to get that medicine.

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