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The Hunger Games Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

Like Wheel of Fortune, Except You Die

  • Effie Trinket arrives in District 12.
  • Gale and Katniss sit in a field and discuss the future, burdened by the reality of family they are unwilling to leave behind.
  • Katniss wanders the Hob before she goes home.
  • She picks up a mockingjay pin from an older woman who gives it to her with a pained look in her eyes, knowing the terror that the child is going to face in a matter of hours when the selection begins.
  • Katniss returns home to wash and dress in her finest dress, which isn't so fine.
  • Katniss gives the mockingjay pin to Prim, promising her that it's a talisman of protection.
  • The children march silently into town for identification and sign in for the Reaping.
  • The magenta peacock, Effie Trinket, introduces a short PSA made to let the kids understand the glory of the Hunger Games for which they're lined up waiting like the Tributes of Athens.
  • Ladies first, and horrified silence echoes as the tiny Primrose is selected.
  • Katniss runs out to volunteer in her place and tells Prim to go.
  • The peacekeepers surround her and push her towards the stage.
  • (Peacekeepers—classic case of dystopia-speak. They'd just a soon kill you as look at you.)
  • Katniss's fate is sealed as the first volunteer ever from District 12.
  • The next name called is Peeta Melark: Katniss recognizes this boy, but they're clearly not friends.
  • In a quick flashback, she remembers something about seeing him at his family's bakery.
  • Katniss has only a few moments to say so long, farewell to her family.
  • Prim puts the protective mockingjay pin in Katniss' hand and begs her to win.
  • Katniss admonishes her mother to rise to the occasion and not abandon Prim like she did when their father died.
  • Gale enters and assures Katniss that killing an animal is no different than what she is about to face. Alright, then.

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