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The Hunger Games Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

Riding that Train

  • Katniss is prodded onto a train with Peeta and Effie, a stupid luxurious train that floats and everything.
  • Effie tries to soften the blow of reality with earnest and misguided naiveté before departing to locate Haymitch, their mentor.
  • Peeta tries to talk to Katniss, who remains fixated on her vague memories of her previous interactions with him back home.
  • In another short flashback, the memory gets fleshed out a bit—he was feeding bread to his pigs.
  • Haymitch stumbles in drunk and brings the whole room down then departs, followed by a determined Peeta.
  • Katniss watches the television coverage of previous Hunger Games, and digests the gory reality she's facing.
  • Back in the dining car, Haymitch and Peeta discuss the games.
  • Katniss pushes for more advice, and loses her patience with Haymitch.
  • She learns that perhaps her loner, disconnected nature won't do her much good in the games. She's definitely not camera-ready.
  • The train arrives in the Capitol, and Peeta's entranced, feeding on the energy of the crowd.

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