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The Hunger Games Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

Gonna Need a Montage

  • Training for the Hunger Games begins.
  • Some rules, some advice, some warnings doled out to these children who'll spend the next several moments of the film in a series of training montages that reveal some of the charming traits of their competitors.
  • At an obscenely sumptuous dinner, we learn that Effie's very concerned with what Tributes get to eat for dessert.
  • Haymitch tries to get to know his Tributes a bit better.
  • Katniss and Peeta praise each others' strengths, and we learn that Peeta's own mother told him that District 12 might actually have a winner, but she didn't mean him. (Seriously, Mom?)
  • When Peeta storms out from dinner in disgust with the whole situation, Katniss has another flashback, which completes her memory of Peeta.
  • After he was throwing the bread to the pigs, he saw her huddled by a tree, looking miserable and hungry. With a compassionate look, he tosses her a loaf of the burned bread meant for the animals.
  • Katniss leaves the table, too.
  • More training, which means more charming Tribute interactions involving death threats and meaningful looks.
  • Katniss looks out for Peeta with some well-timed good advice on showing your strength. She's definitely warmed up to him after her memory of him came back.
  • Peeta shows some real talent with camouflage, while Katniss first notices Rue watching her.

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