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The Hunger Games Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

And Now for My William Tell Impersonation

  • Haymitch explains the evaluation process, and leaves them with a very important tip: "make sure they remember you."
  • Katniss is called, and with a brief word of encouragement from Peeta, she enters the cold room and lays her hands on her prized bow and arrows.
  • The judges are distracted by their partying, and are unimpressed when Katniss fires her first arrow and misses the bull's-eye by a long shot.
  • Not discouraged one bit, she grabs another arrow and lands a perfect bull's-eye. Nobody notices. They're too busy drinking.
  • She grabs one more arrow and fires directly into the party through an apple in a roasted pig's mouth.
  • She takes a bow, snarls "thank you for your consideration," and departs.
  • It's what you might call a walk-off home run.
  • Effie pitches a fit because Katniss was so cheeky. But she's missing the point. Haymitch arrives and congratulates her for the performance she gave to the judges.
  • The media plays the results of the judge's scores.
  • Peeta does well, but Katniss scores 11—the highest of all the Tributes: the girl really is on fire.
  • Yes, sometimes things really do go up to eleven.
  • President Snow meets with Seneca Crane, the Game Maker.
  • Snow offers a quick lesson on despotism and political power, and warns Seneca about what he sees happening with this Katniss girl.
  • Haymitch tells Katniss that Peeta's asked to train alone from now on; Katniss is visibly jarred by the news.

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