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The Hunger Games Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Ready for Your Close-Up

  • Caesar Flickerman, the man who's been hosting the media coverage, appears as a demented late night talk show host to interview the Tributes.
  • One child after another declares their confidence in winning the favor of the mob.
  • When it's time for Katniss, she gets disoriented by all the lights.
  • Caesar takes good care of her, trying to engage her.
  • Katniss eventually loosens up enough to wow the crowd with her fiery dress.
  • Caesar asks about Prim, and manages to truly catch Katniss off guard, showing the vulnerable girl from District 12 underneath the political polish.
  • Afterwards, Haymitch, Katniss, and Effie watch Peeta's performance from behind the scenes.
  • Peeta's a natural. Caesar gets Peeta to admit that Katniss is the girl he's always crushed on, setting the stage for their doomed love affair.
  • Katniss tries to beat Peeta senseless afterwards.
  • She feels that this fantasy makes her look weak, but in fact, Haymitch is excited about the narrative. It'll allow him to push for support during the games.
  • Everyone will respond to the star-crossed lovers bit.

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