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The Hunger Games Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

Gut Check Time

  • It's the night before the Games, and Peeta sits, sleepless, in the main room.
  • Katniss joins him, and they talk about the event ahead of them.
  • Peeta's concerned about letting the Capitol turn him into something he isn't.
  • Katniss is concerned about leaving her sister behind and alone, but she can't afford to care about anything beyond victory.
  • Haymitch advises Katniss to avoid the cornucopia, and offers a few last-minute instructions as he escorts her to the transport and gives her one last pep talk.
  • The kids are injected with a tracker, and we get a glimpse of the control room for the games and the dramatic transport of the kids into the arena.
  • Katniss meets Cinna, who dresses her.
  • He's fastened her mockingjay pin inside her lapel. Cinna voices his confidence in Katniss, and she enters the tube to the surface.

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