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The Hunger Games Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9


  • Blinding light.
  • In cold robotic tones, the Gamemakers count down the last moments before the rumble begins.
  • The thumping of time runs out, and the blare of doom hits us as the children burst from their stands into a sea of blood and murder and mayhem.
  • Katniss runs through the slaughter to grab a pack before narrowly escaping the thrown knife of a Career—a fighter trained for years by previous winners— and then flees into the forest.
  • Running.
  • Running.
  • More running, deeper into the remote and relative safety of the forest.
  • The media interrupts the running with the sounds of the cannons: one for each fallen Tribute.
  • Apparently, a huge chunk of the competition is out of it right off the bat; um… good news?
  • Katniss goes about the business of survival.
  • She lays traps for food, collects water, and generally stays secure in her element: this is her kung fu.

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