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The Hurt Locker Production Design

Production Design

Documentary-Like Drama in the Desert

The Look

There's a lot of emphasis on the heat and dryness of the film's setting in Iraq, and the cinematography really ramps that up with lots of bright yellows and oranges. Of course, it was shot on location in Jordan, so that also helps with creating an authentic dry, desert-y feel. Oh, and as far as the filming style goes, it definitely has more of a film-y look than a digital one, all the way.

The Perspective

The film largely comes from the "viewpoint" of the dudes on the EOD team. We put that in quotes because the movie isn't really shot from a first-person perspective or anything, but what we see is pretty much hitched to what Eldridge, Sanborn, and Will see.

However, watch out for the very few exceptions—like, for example, when we get a quick glimpse of enemy snipers taking aim at the soldiers. Our main characters have no idea where the snipers are, but suddenly, we're up close and personal with a sniper's eye as he takes aim. In that moment, the film's perspective completely cuts away from the EOD team and aligns with the enemy.

If we hadn't realized how much our slant on or knowledge of the action was framed by being embedded in the Americans' perspectives, these moments definitely remind us. They are super jarring.