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The Hurt Locker Production Studio

Production Studio

Voltage Pictures

Voltage Pictures is billed first in the list of The Hurt Locker's producers, so that's the one we really want to focus on.

You might not know a whole lot about the Voltage roster of films. Don't get us wrong—they have been pretty busy since they started up in 2005—but they don't put out the kind of gigundo blockbusters that make a huge splash in terms of wide awareness and box-office moolah. The Hurt Locker is probably the company's most famous and acclaimed film—which is probably why they bring it up a couple of times on their About page.

However, they have a fairly long resume of films starring big names such as Samuel L. Jackson (Reasonable Doubt), Dwayne Johnson (Empire State), Ethan Hawke (Good Kill), and Pierce Brosnan (I.T.). They're also the people behind Dallas Buyers Club, a real critical darling that won Oscars for both Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto.

From that list, we can see that Voltage isn't really going for huge splashy films, but they've managed to make their mark across lots of genres.

Not impressed yet? Well, how about this: they also produced Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, Don Jon (2013). Not bad, eh?

There are a whole bunch of other companies who had a hand in The Hurt Locker, too. Here's the rundown on the others:

  • Grosvenor Park Media: their resume as a production company isn't super long. The Hurt Locker is probably the most famous film on the list, other than Basic Instinct 2.
  • Film Capital Europe Funds (FCEF): their only other producer credit is for The Zero Theorem (2013), a fantasy sci-fi flick.
  • Kingsgate Films: this one doesn't have tons of production credits, either. Are we sounding like a broken record yet? However, these folks were responsible for the Harold & Kumar films.
  • Summit Entertainment: unlike the others on this list, Summit is kind of a big dog. Recent credits you might know include the Divergent series movies, the Twilight films, and RED. Guess it's always good to have someone on board with lots of experience, huh?