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The Hurt Locker Scene 13

Scene 13

Scene 13

  • The EOD boys have come across some armed men.
  • The soldiers yell at these men to put their guns down, and they do.
  • Suddenly, one of the guys starts talking in English. Sanborn disarms him, but it turns out the guys are English, and they have a flat tire.
  • The lead English guy tells the EOD soldiers that they are wound tightly—after all, they are on the same side.
  • However, everything's all friendly now, and the English and Americans are chitchatting. Oh, and it turns out the English have some prisoners.
  • Suddenly, a sniper gets one of the Brits. The Englishmen's prisoners flee while a firefight ensues.
  • The team leader makes a remark about needing to get the prisoners back since he was promised $500,000 "dead or alive." It seems that he's some kind of contractor rather than a soldier, then, we suppose? Anyway, he shoots the former prisoners.
  • The guys see where the shooting is coming from. We see the backs of the shooters' heads as they take aim at the Brits and Americans, and the eye of a shooter as he takes aim.
  • The team leader goes down. That's 3 KIA so far.
  • Meanwhile, Sanborn and Will climb up the ridge they've all been hiding behind and try to take aim at the enemy. Sanborn takes aim and misses. Will is assisting him and calls down to Eldridge for more ammo.
  • Eldridge has to check one of the dead men for more. He's having trouble finding some, but he eventually locates it on the bloody body.
  • Will hands the ammo to Sanborn, but it's jammed because of all the blood on it. He asks Eldridge to clean off the blood.
  • Eldridge is really having trouble and is starting to freak out. Will encourages him and helps him calm down while getting the job done. Might be heartwarming if it wasn't all so bloody and horrifying.
  • Sanborn finally gets the ammo and takes out one of the enemy combatants.
  • The soldiers get two of the men down. However, there are more. Sanborn takes out another.
  • Will coughs from all the dust. These guys are clearly all exhausted and tense.
  • Will asks for some juice. Eldridge hands it to him and heads back down below—definitely the safe move.
  • Will eases some juice over to Sanborn as he concentrates on his scope. Sanborn is not a sniper, so he's got to be bugging out.
  • Staring elsewhere, Eldridge sees some goats congregating on a nearby bridge. Eldridge gets suspicious that there's an enemy over there.
  • Eldridge asks if he should fire. Will says it's up to him, but he's not sure.
  • Eventually, Eldridge fires at and kills the enemy.
  • Meanwhile, Will and Sanborn keep watching where the other enemy faction had been hunkered down. Eventually, Will says he thinks they are done.

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