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The Hurt Locker Scene 17

Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Will watches the DVD seller (the adult one) setting up his wares, and there's no Beckham in sight.
  • Will marches up to the guy and asks where Beckham is. The guy says he doesn't speak English.
  • Will is super agitated. He goes and talks to another soldier, saying the DVD seller is a security risk. He thinks the guy might be telling the enemy where to drop mortars. The soldier blows Will off.
  • Later, at the end of the day, Will sneaks up on the DVD seller as he is about to drive home for the night.
  • Will pulls a gun on the guy, gets in the car, and pushes his sweatshirt up to disguise his face. He says he bets the guy speaks English now.
  • Will wants the guy to drive him to Beckham's house. We're not sure the DVD seller understands, but he drives away with Will riding along.
  • The DVD guy drops off Will at a house and then peels away.
  • Will prowls around and peeks in the windows of the house. Then, he sneaks in. The TV is on, and someone is in the kitchen doing stuff.
  • Will confronts the guy in the kitchen, who says he's a professor. Will clarifies that he's looking for the people responsible for Beckham. He seems to realize that he's made a mistake going there.
  • And oh, boy, has he. The professor's wife comes home and freaks out on Will. She manages to hit him before he runs away into the streets.
  • Will heads back to his camp and, naturally, everyone there freaks out seeing some rando approaching. The soldiers are pissed when they realize it's one of their own, but Will justifies it by saying he was at a "whorehouse." The soldier at the gate says he'll let Will back in if he shares the location of said house.

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