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The Hurt Locker Scene 18

Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Sanborn radios Will in his barracks. Apparently, they have somewhere to go. There's been a tank explosion. They need to go analyze what was used.
  • The scene at the blast is chaos—lots of fire and injured, scared people.
  • The guys look around, and Will hypothesizes that it was a remote detonation, not a suicide bomber. As a result, he thinks the bomber might still be somewhere near the scene, and he wants to go looking for him.
  • Sanborn is against that plan, but Will says Sanborn doesn't get to call that shot.
  • The guys discover what they think is the triggerman's hiding place. They are going to smoke him out.
  • While prowling around the building separately, Sanborn hears gunshots.
  • Sanborn and Will run around to each other and realize that the shooting sounds involved Eldridge. They see him being dragged away.
  • Sanborn and Will pursue quietly. They manage to shoot the people who were dragging Eldridge away, but when they get to Eldridge, they realize Will shot him in the leg.
  • Sanborn and Will get Eldridge out of there.

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