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The Hurt Locker Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Sanborn goes into the barracks to talk to someone he hasn't met before. Looks like this is the guy who's going to replace Thompson as the explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) team leader.
  • Sanborn is being pretty friendly so far, trying to show the new guy, Will, the ropes. For example, he suggests keeping the windows boarded to help keep out flying shrapnel from mortars, particularly at night.
  • Will is friendly in return, but he doesn't seem interested in the adviceā€”he'd rather have sunshine, and his attitude seems to be that boards aren't going to be much help in, say, preventing a mortar from coming through the roof.
  • Will offers his condolences for the loss of Thompson, and he's quick to say he's not trying to take Thompson's place.
  • Sanborn seems to appreciate that sentiment...but already, we can't help but think that these two are going to have tension.
  • After the little heart-to-heart, Will goes back to smoking and listening to heavy metal.

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