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Marty Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • The scene dissolves to Teresa in the kitchen, dishing up a big bowl of pasta, (no gluten-free diets here), and brings it to Marty in dining room, where he's eating a big spread of food in front of him.
  • In a faux-nonchalance, Teresa asks Marty what he's going to do with his Saturday night. When Marty says he thinks he's just going to hang at home, Teresa suggests the Stardust Ballroom.
  • This stops Marty in his chewing cold, and he looks at her suspiciously.
  • "It's fulla tomatoes," she says. He laughs and asks who told her about it. He's been before and it's no great shakes.
  • As his mother continues to needle him, Marty gets sadder and angrier, saying he's a fat ugly man who just doesn't have anything girls want.
  • "I'm ugly!" he yells, getting up from the table.
  • Though he insists he'll just go to the dance hall to be rejected, eventually he obeys his mother and consents to go, sitting down again and chewing on his spaghetti with resignation, shaking his head.
  • Moms, are we right?

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