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Marty Scene 8

Scene 8

Scene 8

  • The scene dissolves first to a shot of the church steeple, as bells ring, then to Marty fixing his mother's collar on the porch steps.
  • They have a few minutes before services start.
  • Teresa begins to talk to Marty about Clara: She says that she seems like a nice girl, isn't pretty, looks a little old, and doesn't look Italian.
  • Marty says she's twenty-eight and isn't Italian.
  • His mother says there's something about her she doesn't like.
  • Marty says she's a nice girl.
  • She says she doesn't like Clara, and not to bring her around.
  • Marty says, let's not fight about it. I'm not going to see her again anyhow. Then they go up the steps to church.
  • After church, Marty's at the bar, where he orders a soda.
  • The bartender says that Angie told him he "really got stuck with a dog last night."
  • Marty says, "She's not so bad," and takes his soda to a booth where Ralph is sitting reading the newspaper.
  • Marty asks Ralph how the date ended up with the nurses. Apparently, the "odd squirrel" got totally tanked and they had to sneak her out of the apartment so the landlord didn't know.
  • Ralph asks how Marty's date went. He says he had a good time, but "didn't try anything [...] just talked."
  • Marty, looking bummed, excuses himself to head home for lunch.
  • Back at home, Marty walks from the living room, through the kitchen, into his bedroom. His mother says she wants to talk to him, but he begs off and shuts the door behind him.
  • Alone at last (and maybe forever) Marty sits down on the bed. The camera zooms in on his sad face.

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