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Marty Scene 9

Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Later Marty is sitting and having lunch while Angie paces around and Joe and Leo (some minor friends) talk annoyingly about a detective novel, the girls the character gets, and the crimes he solves.
  • In between these literary monologues, Marty and Angie try to talk it out, casually, and then Angie asks what they should get up to next.
  • Marty says he's going to call the girl from the night before, and that Angie was totally rude to her. He wants to know why Angie behaved that way.
  • Angie dodges the question and tells Leo to show him a girlie picture from his magazine. Marty says to put it away; his mother is nearby.
  • Angie suggests 72nd Street for probably the 72nd time during this movie. Marty says no; he wants to see this girl.
  • Joe gives his opinion, that a guy should always marry a girl twenty years younger, so she's always a "real pretty doll."
  • The boys try to convince Marty out of calling up "this dog," because hanging out with an ugly girl can give you a bad rep.
  • The boys circle around the same conversation, over and over, for what seems like forever, but is only about twenty seconds.
  • Marty goes out to the porch, where his mother and aunt are sitting, to smoke a cigarette. He looks beaten down. His mama asks him what he's going to do.
  • He says he's tired, he may just hang at home or hang out with the boys.
  • We see the back of Clara's head as she's watching the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • The shot moves to show Clara flanked by her two parents, and moves closer and closer to Clara, who is crying silently.
  • Marty's with the boys outside the bar: Just like always, they're trying to decide what to do next.
  • The camera moves in on Marty here, just as it did with Clara. He has his eyes closed and isn't participating in the conversation.
  • He stays like that for a while, but then he opens his eyes and begins to holler at his friends, that they always do the same things and talk about the same things, and that they're "miserable and lonely" the whole time.
  • He runs into the bar, and Angie runs after, asking what's up.
  • Even though his mom doesn't like Clara and Angie doesn't like Clara, he doesn't care. "She's a dog and I'm a fat, ugly man," he says, but they have good times together, and if they keep having good times, he's going to marry her.
  • He calls Clara, and while he's waiting for her to pick up, he asks Angie when he's going to get married.
  • When Clara picks up, Marty closes the phone booth door.

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