Study Guide

No Country for Old Men Genre


Western Thriller

Joel and Ethan Coen showed us that Westerns aren't just for the glory days of black-and-white movie making. They bring back some of the great hallmarks of Westerns, like the street shootout between Llewellyn Moss and Anton Chigurh and the Texas Sheriff (Ed Tom) trying to restore order in his quiet part of Texas.

Throw in a cowboy hat wearing bounty hunter with a name like Carson Wells and you totally know you're in Western territory.

But the Coens aren't ready to give you everything you expect from a typical Western. In most Westerns, we get closure in the end when the good buy and bad guy have a final showdown and one of them loses. In this movie, there is no final showdown and we don't even get to see the hero die. In the end, we're stuck with Sheriff Ed Tom struggling to figure out what it's all supposed to mean.