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Psycho Scene 1

Scene 1

Scene 1

  • There's a dramatic slow pan over the skyline of Phoenix, Arizona, with some text telling you where you are and the time and date (Friday, late afternoon).
  • The camera pans down to a window, and then you're peeking through it. Voyeurism: it's Hitchcock's thing.
  • The camera actually appears to go through the window, and the first shot is of Marion Crane in her underwear, her bra very visible, with a guy standing over her.
  • In the early sixties this was pretty racy stuff.
  • There's sex for you, right off the bat. That's how Hitchcock grabs you.
  • Sam's shirt is off too; Hitchcock provides equal opportunity fan service.
  • Marion and Sam chat to provide you with information.
  • Marion is on her lunch break. She and Sam aren't married. Again: in the early sixties this is no bueno.
  • Marion says they're not going to do the secretive sex thing anymore.
  • Sam says he'll see her even without the sex.
  • But Sam can't marry her because he's in debt, in part because he's paying alimony to an ex-wife.
  • Marion wants him to marry her, but there's not enough money.
  • So, Marion needs money. Plot point.
  • She leaves to go back to the office.

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