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Psycho Scene 13

Scene 13

Scene 13

  • And we're in the Fairvale police station.
  • Sheriff Chambers, Lila, Sam, and some officials are waiting in an office.
  • The Sheriff says the psychiatrist is with Norman. Then the psychiatrist himself comes in.
  • He says he got the story of what happened not from Norman, but from his mother.
  • He explains that Norman's personality has been taken over by his mother.
  • The psychiatrists tells Lila that her sister and Arbogast are dead. They're in the swamp, and Norman may have killed others too.
  • The psychiatrist explains that ten years ago, Norman murdered his mother.
  • He says Norman was disturbed ever since his father died.
  • "His mother was a clinging, demanding woman." So it's her fault Norman's a mass murderer? That seems kind of harsh.
  • The two of them, Norman and his mom, lived together alone. But then mother met another man, and Norman felt he'd been replaced.
  • So Norman killed them both. But he felt guilty about it.
  • So he pretended his mother was still alive, stole her corpse, and preserved it.
  • His personality then split in two: he became half his mother.
  • The mother half was jealous, so when Norman felt an attraction to another woman, his mother half would become psychotic, and… "Scree! Scree! Scree!"
  • You know how it goes.
  • The psychiatrist has a really creepy moment where he tells Lila how much Norman was aroused by her sister.
  • Thanks psychiatrist: that'll make Lila feel so much better.
  • Anyway. Norman/mother killed Marion in a jealous rage, then Norman came back to himself and cleaned up the murder to protect his mother.
  • The psychiatrist explains that Norman dresses in woman's clothes to pretend to be his mother.
  • And now, apparently, the mother half has completely taken over.
  • The psychiatrist says that the money is in the swamp; Norman killed out of passion, not greed.
  • A policeman opens the door to ask if he can give Norman a blanket, then he walks down the hall.
  • You hear a woman's voice thanking him.
  • Then you're in the cell, with the ominous music and Norman wrapped in a blanket.
  • Mother's voice is speaking, saying that Norman was a bad person who tried to accuse her. But she says she would never commit murder.
  • She says she can't hurt anyone, but she's going to sit very quietly so that everyone watching will know she's harmless.
  • There's a fly on her hand, and she won't even swat it.
  • Then Norman gives a really creepy smile, which is half-overlaid with a phantom image of mother's skull.
  • And then the last image is Marion's car being dragged out of the swamp. Poor Marion.

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