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Psycho Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Marion's at home. She's in a bra again. Okay, Hitchcock, you've made your point; you like having Marion in her bra.
  • The camera pans to the envelope with the money sitting on her bed. The envelope with the money shouldn't be thereā€¦ unless she's stealing it.
  • And yep, she's packing a suitcase.
  • The music swells ominously, because she is doing a bad thing. "Bad Marion," the music says.
  • She looks nervous, but nonetheless she puts the money in her purse, and heads out.
  • Dissolve to her driving. She hears Sam's voice in her head, telling her he's surprised to see her. So, she's heading to Sam's to pay off his bills.
  • Is Sam going to be okay with Marion having stolen money for him? Quite possibly not; it doesn't look like Marion has thought this through as well as she might have.
  • Also, this is not the last time someone is going to hear voices in their head in this film. It is a voices-in-head-full movie. (See Symbols: Voices in Your Head.)
  • The car stops and Marion sees her boss and Cassidy passing across the street.
  • Her boss smiles at first and then looks thoughtful and confused.
  • Now he'll know she skipped town. This life of crime thing isn't off to such a great start.
  • The strings come up again sawing and telling her to turn back, but she ignores them.
  • Dissolve to later at night, with Marion driving in the dark.

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