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Psycho Scene 7

Scene 7

Scene 7

  • There's a montage of Arbogast checking out various hotels.
  • And then inevitably he pulls up outside of the Bates Motel, where Norman is eating some candy.
  • They go into the office; Arbogast asks if Norman's seen Marion and shows him her picture.
  • Norman says he hasn't, because he's a lying liar.
  • He also says no one's been by in weeks, but then Arbogast looks at the book and sees that Marion registered under an alias (he recognizes her handwriting).
  • There's a weird shot from below of Norman looking at the register. He looks very birdlike.
  • Norman's forced to admit he recognizes Marion's picture.
  • He says that Marion came in the night and left early in the morning.
  • Norman is starting to stutter. He's not very convincing.
  • "She isn't still here, is she," Arbogast asks, but of course she is. In the swamp.
  • Arbogast goes outside and looks at the house and sees someone sitting up in the window.
  • Norman denies there's anyone there at first, then admits it's his mother.
  • Arbogast wants to talk to mom and see if she met Marion, but Norman won't let him and demands he leave at once.
  • So, Arbogast goes… but he'll be back.
  • Norman smiles after he goes. He's awfully cheerful about covering up murder, isn't he?
  • In a pay phone, Arbogast calls Lila. He tells her he found Marion, mentions the Bates Motel, and says he wants to go back to talk to Norman's mother.
  • Arbogast says he'll call back in an hour, and tells her he doesn't think Sam knew Marion was there.

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