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Psycho Scene 8

Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Arbogast goes back to the Bates Motes. Bad move, Arbogast.
  • He goes into the office, sees the stuffed birds, and checks the empty safe.
  • The eerie strings are telling him this is trouble, but he doesn't pay attention.
  • He heads for the looming gothic house next, goes up the long stairs and through the front door.
  • Then he slowly climbs the stairs to the second floor.
  • You see a door opening upstairs as Arbogast approaches.
  • Then scree! scree! scree! that same woman with the knife slashes Arbogast's face, and knocks him downstairs.
  • You watch him falling and wheeling his arms. This isn't as famous as the shower scene, but it's still pretty iconic.
  • And he sprawls on the floor. The woman with the knife runs up to him and there's an impressively wet sound effect. Arbogast screams.
  • That's the second dead protagonist. We're running out of protagonists here.

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