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Psycho Scene 9

Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Back at Sam's, they're waiting for Arbogast to return. He said he'd be back in an hour, but now it's been three.
  • Lila wants to go to the Bates place, but Sam is reluctant.
  • She finally convinces him to go check; she stays so she'll be there if Arbogast comes back.
  • And back at the hotel, you see Norman out at the swamp (where he must have sunk poor Arbogast).
  • Cut to Sam wandering around the motel shouting for Arbogast.
  • Norman hears him and looks disturbed. How many of these dopes am I going to have to sink in that swamp, he's thinking.
  • Later, Sam returns to Lila and says Arbogast is gone.
  • Sam says maybe Arbogast found a lead, but Lila says he would have called.

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